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Protocol design, Handel-C and Hierarchical State Machines


I have an article in a Belgian magazine: Dedicated Systems
Magazine now (Q3, 2000): 

  Protocol design: you get what you put 
  A penny's worth of advice and a Java generic Protocol class
  See http://www.autronica-maritime.com/pub/tech/rd/index.htm

It covers most of my experience with protocol design.
It gives a protocol example built on JCSP.


Another thing, a magazine called "Embedded Systems"  mentions 
Handel-C in its foreword in the October issue, titled "Power moves to 
the top of the agenda". (I haven't found more on Handel C in there.)
That magazine is made in Kent! (I had an article about CSP in
the June issue.)


Also, in the Oct. Embedded Systems magazine there's a very 
instructive article about Hierarchical State Machines (HSM), with 
examples given in C and C++ - it goes on for 12 pages. As usual, I 
have the toughest job of twisting my brain. My question is: What is 
the difference between HSM and a group of occam processes? With
occam, the super process only connects lower level processes,
but if we "flatten out" the HMS, is that occam, then?


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