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Re: Priority revisited: a new primitive

Ian, Adrian,
	    Very good points, Ian. I have oversimplified my view of PRI PAR,
probably too far.

To skip to a higher level ...

My difficulty is that I'm not sure priority is the right concept. My
thought-experiment example is that I'm not so much concerned that I can
check whether shutting down a nuclear reactor gets priority over
game-playing, but that I can do it within 30seconds.

Therefore I would like the specification to include what is really important
(very often a response time [important for games, too]) - and I would leave
priority as a mechanism the compiler/system could employ, if appropriate.

PAR PRI is too local for these thoughts.


     I see this went to just myself and Adrian, do you want to keep it
closed or is it better to copy to the group?