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Re: rewriting CSP processes

     Good to hear from you again, it's been too long :-(

> The new 3.0 release of Handel-C (now in Beta testing) handles multiple
> clocks and deals with the metastability problems between clock domains.

That's great - I need multiple clocks for my interests and had to rule out

> There are also a very large number of other features added to the 
> compilation/simulation system from the previous version. One reason
> for mentioning this now, is that we would still welcome a few more sites
> in the Beta testing programme.

We could only be involved if the license terms have changed, there was no
way my organization could stand the cost of storing documents indefinately
or of extending an open invitation to ESL to come and search the premises
(they didn't even state what was the search was looking for!).

> Ian Page
> Founder,
> Celoxica Ltd.

Celoxica? That's new to me, is it a new name for ESL or something different?


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