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Re: You must read this

Peter Welch wrote:

> industrial users - that hadn't!  And we're still here.  Somehow, we've
> become invisible ... we speak and show and teach ... but nobody, not
> even Brinch Hansen, can see us?  Was it something we ate???

He saw us _now_, Peter!

(I did send Brinch Hansen a thanks (in Norwegian - he's Danish) - and asked
"by the way" where he got my name. He may have had the WoTUG-21 proceedings, 
the address he used is 100% equal - and it's almost the only place I've used 
"Autronica Ltd.")

>From studying the rest of Brinch Hansenes papers last year, I was 
surprised to see (by also reading Hoare's monitor paper) - that Sun did not 
mention Brinch Hansen at all - because Hoare does give Brinch Hansen the

And I guess, Brinch Hansen also has a private crusade to inform the world 
about who "did not commit that blunder" - and probably would not care about 
CSP or even occam in that context.

Aside1: I now have SPoC separate compilation up and running for the
Texas DSP - since Texas now support C I/O from the target via JTAG it
now can build the necessary C header stub files. I needed this, since
we're porting a 30-40K occam program to a new DSP '320 platform - and
there's lots of #USE in there.

Aside2: I now have a FSP model of my overwriting buffer, analysed by
the LTSA tool - from the Web and the Concurrency & Java book by Magee
and Kramer. It does not deadlock, and all states are reachable! 
(I knew that beforehand - but now I can prove it to people without
having to explain - just look - it says: "No deadlocks")

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