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Re: You must read this

"P.H.Welch" wrote:

> Brinch Hansen seems to have done a bulk mailing!  I also received a brown
> envelope containg just the article ... I wonder how we were all selected?!

I, too, wondered that.

> Several thoughts: first, the language used and emphasis on security is
> precisely aligned with so many things we have all said so many times over
> the past 15 years.  However, with Brinch Hansen saying this so loudly
> and in public, this is wonderful ;-) ... I can't wait to rub several of
> my colleagues' noses in this ;-) ;-) ;-) ...

...and how many people understand what you're talking about when you mention
control of intereference. Or aliasing.

> Second - gloom!  Yet again, the whole technical, commercial and academic
> development of occam has been as though it never happened.

Perhaps a letter to the Editor, ACM Sigplan Notices, wouldn't go amiss, Peter.

> <big snip> In fact, the whole thing is in 1-1 correspondence with an occam
> server
> module with pre-conditions.  Here it is in occam3:
> <another big snip>

's good to see some occam3 again, although I've never written enough of it to be
familiar. 'Twould be nice to have a compiler ..... ;-)

> PS 1. the occam open source release under (probably the GPL) *will* be
>       happening ... but I have to do some work to gather it all together
>       on to a CD-ROM ... and I'm looking at an alarming pile of marking :-(

Good news indeed.

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