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On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Oyvind Teig wrote:

> Ian Robert East wrote:
> > Somewhere (don't press me for reference) I have seen 
> > published surveys that support the claim of little tangible benefit.
> Does OO Sync with How We Think?
> Les Hatton, IEEE Software May/June 1998
> Judith Bishop wrote:
> > This year we used the analyser and animator tool, LTSA from day 
> > one, and Wow, what a difference. 
> In that context, I'm a student as well, after 24 years in the 
> business. Occam, written with a folding editor is semi-graphical! 
> The LTSA analyzer is what I've been waiting for for 8 1/2 years!
> (Not any high-end expensive tool.) Or at least what this community 
> have been telling me I should wait for.. But why did I have to 
> input FSP to it? What's wrong with occam? (WHILE loops? Variables?) 
> Someone in this community was working an an occam->SMV compiler,
> I think. How did it go? 

It's me.  The occam->SMV depends on the flattening in occam->PIC which is
almost complete.    

> It MUST be better to model check and code in the same language, eh?

That's not uncontroversial.  I think so, but others would have you design,
prove and (maybe) check in an unexecutable specification language and
then refine (with automated checking of the refinement) into an
implementation language.

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