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The article below shows a language that both has inheritance
and concurrency. They inherit threads, rather interesting,
but how it is to use, I don't know:

  Synchronoues C++: A Language for Interactive Applications
  Clauded Petitpierre, Lausanne, IEEE Computer, Sept98

I seem to remember that it involved one process context switch
for every communication: "where is this command actually handled 

My occam processes have been mostly described by their interfaces:
the PROTOCOL. With the system above, I think I would be able to
inherit a process, and have the father handle all x,z tags, and
the inherited process handle y' tag (since PROTOCOL.y is 

I think I like it, and I think I could use it. I seem to remember
that this has been mentioned before in this forum.

Still, inheritance, well. Could a more flexible PROTOCOL do?
Like sending processes over them (David May mentioned this at 
WoTUG-21, I think). Maybe this would cater for Larry's wish like
load-time reconfiguration (not through library-calls, but
at language level).

Getting down to "business", I'd like this community to develop
an "LTS Analyzer" for the occam we do have. Tools for what we have
would be no hinder. I, for one, would like a tool like that, but
I can't make it! The LTSA is absolutely fantastic! Compiles and
draws nice state transition bubbles and arrows diagrams!


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