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Re: General Questions!

 	 I have some questions and I`d like a help.
       	Suppose the following code -

         PROC anyproc (...,
                       []BYTE memory)
           ... declaration of variables
             ... something
             LOAD.BYTE.VECTOR(ADD, memory)
 	  The address returned in ADD is the physical address or the OCCAM
 address of memory? (I placed memory at some address in .pgm file and I
 wanted to check this placement.)
          And when I do -
         PLACE variable AT location, location must be an OCCAM address (not
 a physical one)?
 	The last question is what happens if a boolean guard in an ALT is
 FALSE? Is the message transfer done into the channel? In other words - 
 	boolean guard & channel ? var
 	Are there data stored in var, if boolean guard is FALSE and
 channel is ready to communicate? We know this alternative will not be
 chosen if boolean guard is FALSE but my question is related to the
 availability on the channel.  
         Thanks  for helping.
         Valdivino Santiago.
 	 Universidade Federal do Ceara (Federal University of Ceara)