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Deadlock free routing

Deadlock free routing

We have a discussion about deadlock-free routing.

Sirs                                           26 June 1997

In order to guarantee deadlock-free routing:

Q1. What is the relationship between how many buffers we need
    and the blocking characteristics of application-code?

Specifically (same questions elaborated):

Q2. Can we have deadlock-free routing and blocking communication
    at application level? (Assuming that application level
    doesn't deadlock).
Q3. VCR under occam is deadlock free. Occam is blocking on communication.
    Does VCR depend on a certain amount of buffering to achieve
    the deadlock free properties?
Q3. We have a system here that is written in C altogether.
    Packets are routed, but it is the assumption that sufficient
    buffers exist that guarantees deadlock free routing.
    Could this unbounded buffer solution have been swapped
    with a bounded buffer (or zero buffer) - and blocking communication 
    at application level, and still guaranteed deadlock freedom? 
Q4. Are there any more questions I should have asked? 
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