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Re: (fwd) T9000 News (fwd)

We are actively considering getting into a project to put DS links and VCP
onto FPGA technology so that they could easily be integrated with other
host processors. If it comes off, we would describe the system in our 
Handel-C language and compile onto the FPGAs so that it would be relatively
easy to parametrise the design and also to map to different FPGAs.
Other implementations such as ASIC ones are also possible (though with
significantly higher NRE costs).

It would be interesting for us to know what support there might be for a 
project like this from the (disenfranchised) transputer converts. In
particular, is it (a) a silly idea, (b) a good idea, (c) a good idea
with an identifiable market that will make the effort of doing the work 


See http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/hwcomp.html for further details on
our work (though not on the VCP project).