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Re: (fwd) T9000 News (fwd)

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>There's been not one hint of this ... but that would be magic!  We would
>also need a VCP added though ... probably the most most important aspect
>of the T9000.

    I'm replying to the news of the folding up of SGS-Thomson's
Transputer effort.

    Can someone explain WHY this has slowly happened?

    It seems that ever since the Inmos Transputer was handed over to
SGS-Thomson, all the energy has been sucked out of it.  It seems

    Or are SGS-Thomson just a lack-lustre company?

    (Aren't they part of a group of which the Koreans want to buy the TV
manufacturing part for 1 franc?)

    Please post an answer here, as I've never known why the fantastic
Transputer idea was seemingly deliberately buried alive.

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