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CPA 2009 programme and call for delegates


The provisional programme of papers is now available on the CPA 2009


This is a call for delegates, :).  The conference is one of the events
in Formal Methods Week, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 1-4 November, 2009.

The registration page starts from:


Note: actual registration is handled through the Formal Methods Week
pages (linked from the above).  The Early Registration deadline is
the 14th. September.

Note: the CPA registration fee covers all meals, including dinners
(Sunday/Monday) and the Conference Dinner (Tuesday), proceedings
and fringe sessions (Sunday/Monday evenings).  The Fringe sessions
will be at the Sandton Hotel - the Sunday/Monday dinners will be
at a restaurant adjacent to the Sandton, just before the Fringe
sessions.  It is suggested that you book into the Sandton.

Note: the CPA registration fee does *not* cover your hotel bill!
The FM Week registration system will book you into the your hotel,
but that's all.  A special price is given via the FM Week system.
However, you may find a better deal going directly to the Sandton,
following the link on our registration page above (note: contact
details for the Sandton only seem to appear if you choose the
Dutch language pages!).

Final note: the FM Week systems lets you pay for CPA registration
(plus a mandated FM Week registration of around 35 Euros) either
by Visa or by invoicing your company/university or by direct
payment by yourself into their bank account.  If possible, please
do *not* choose the Visa payment method as we lose 4.5% of that
money through bank charges!

Many thanks,

Peter Welch.