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CPA 2008 Fringe


This is a call for short presentations at the Fringe sessions at CPA this year:


As usual, these presentations are informal and requests to make one can be made
at any time - even up to the start of the sessions themselves!

However, slots are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.  To book,
please email cpa-submissions@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (cc: p.h.welch@xxxxxxxxxx):

  Title of the presentation
  Abstract of contents of the presentation
  Time requested (maximum 20 mins)

Acceptance is NOT guaranteed!  We will notify proposers quickly though.

Fringe presentations are not normally published.  However, if you submit
a ONE PAGE paper in the style of the main submitted papers:


by the end of Monday, 14th. July, and the presentation is accepted, this
will be included in the comference proceedings.  Such ONE PAGE papers
will normally consist of a title, author information and an abstract.

The conference will present a prize for the best Fringe presentation.


Peter Welch.