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CoSMoS Workshop following CPA 2008


Just a final call for submissions to our CoSMoS Workshop, which takes place on
the 11th. September, 2008, immediately following the CPA 2008 conference at
York.  CoSMoS is a four year (EPSRC funded) research programme on all things
to do with complex systems modelling and emergence - started in October last
year.  We shall be presenting contributions from within the project (whose
demonstrators are currently making heavy use of occam-pi), but we are actively
seeking contributions from all who are interested in this field whatever their
approach.  Contributions may take the form of formal papers, but tutorials on
interesting themes may also be relevant.

The submission date has been pushed back to next Wednesday (18th. June).  More
details about this workshop are available at:


Many thanks,

Peter Welch.