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Re: JCSP Network Edition

I directed a colleague to download the library from jcsp.org and as he was unable to access the site, I thought I'd bring
this to attention as others may also have the same problem downloading the library. I've given him a copy of the library
which is enough to get started.

Any idea as to when the finalised version will be up?


-- Sachin.

On Jul 18, 2007, at 2:01 AM, Chalmers, Kevin wrote:

We're still finalising the updated JCSP, although no new changes to the network side will be in place.  I noticed also that www.jcsp.org was gone, as is www.quickstone.com.  We can probably put a previous version of JCSP up somewhere temporarily until the final release if necessary; let me know.  One major difference people will notice is the package name changes to org.jcsp instead of com.quickstone. Otherwise everything should be fine.

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Does anyone know what happened to http://www.jcsp.org. Has the site 
Is the JCSP Network Edition library hosted elsewhere for download.

I was going through the programme for CPA 2007 and in the abstract for
"Integration and Extending JCSP", there's a reference to a new JCSP 
which is available under the LGPL open source license. Is this a 
to the JCSP Network Edition library or a newer one available elsewhere.

In any case, does anyone know where I can download the library from.


-- Sachin.


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