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I am ready to release the jcsp.mobile package as a (very) Beta release.  The easiest way to do this is probably by interested parties emailing me direct, although if there is a very large demand I may have to post it somewhere.  This library should hopefully be incorporated with JCSP soon; Neil Brown at Kent is currently working very hard trying to gather everything together.


The two main features of the package are:

  1. Class loading channels.  These channels enable objects to be sent from one Node to another without fear of Class Not Found Exceptions.  This is particularly useful for Mobile Processes, as it is possible to send a process to another Node and have it execute it, even if the receiving Node has no prior knowledge of the process.
  2. Mobile Networked Channels.  This functionality is still a bit unpredictable at times, but it is possible to create a channel at a Node, and then write one end of it via another Networked channel.  No messages are lost (unlike the original Migratable Channels) and synchronization is also maintained.  However, the functionality of these will change in future releases when extended rendezvous has been added to JCSP.


Kevin Chalmers

Research Student

School of Computing

Napier University



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