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CPA 2006 (afterwards)

Hey -

I just wanted to thank, on record, Jon kerridge and his team at Napier
for putting on such a wonderful conference.

What a great feeling there was at CPA!!  It was so good to mix with
everyone - I just did not want it to end.  Every moment - including
those at 3am in the hotel bar and lobby - was special.

I've no idea how to describe the optimism, quality, hard work, excitement,
learning and fun that spilled out all the time.  CPA may be small and looked
down upon by the masses ... but they really do not know.  At the panel,
we did agree - again - to tell the world.  But it's hard!  Still, let's
try even harder!!

Those who didn't make it this time: you missed something and we missed you.
Next year, please everyone remember that the conference is in JULY:

  CPA 2007, University of Surrey, UK - 8-11 July, 2007

which means that paper submission will be early to mid FEBRUARY ... which
means starting to think about it now ... :)