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FW: Quickstone Technologies Product Update.

                   Quickstone Technologies Limited

                           PRODUCT UDATE

There are several updates to our original product announcement that may
interest java-threads readers.

We now have full Java 1.1 compatibility and a separate optionally
installed .jar file that comes with JCSP Network Edition.  

A beta version of JCSP Network Edition for Microsoft's J#.NET is
available. J# support also allows JCSP to be called from other .NET

Our new graphical installer for JCSP will let you choose to install
under an existing JVM and automatically update your classpath - no
fiddling in Windows Control Panel or UNIX .profiles!  It even detects
the correct version of the libraries to install for a particular JVM and
lets you choose which features you'd like to install. All the demos are
now easier to launch and there are some new specific demos for the
Network Edition (a real-time chat program and a distributed Mandelbrot

We also have the Channel Name Server (the name broker for networked
channels) and a remote program launching a server available to install
as an NT/2000/XP service.

The API documentation and tutorials for JCSP Network Edition are now
available to browse on our website at www.quickstone.com.

Lastly we have introduced a 30-day trial version of JCSP Network Edition
and a brochure, both available on request.

For further details or to place an order, please call us/fax/email or
look at our website.
Tel:  08700 101984 - (International +44 8700 101984)
Fax:  08700 557821 - (International +44 8700 557821)
Email: mailbox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
www:  http://www.quickstone.com