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Ruth Ivimey-Cook wrote:

At 05:24 PM 4/5/02, James Pascoe wrote:

I have produced a small leaflet advertising CPA 2002 and have attached it to this mail in both A4 and Letter page sizes. I will also make it available from the CPA
2002 web page on wotug.org.

It's badly broken ... sorry.

2. For all files, you are using bitmapped versions of vector fonts to display the text, not true vector fonts. The result is that the text is unreadable or horrible to read on video displays, and won't look as nice as it could on printers that don't have the same resolution as your fonts. I guess this means you're using TeX. I don't know if TeX can be persuaded to use Type1 fonts rather than MetaFont, but if you can, that's what must be done. Otherwise, I suggest you use either a wordprocessor or groff.

The problem is clear from the embedded comments:

a) %DVIPSCommandLine: dvips -o cpa2002-leaflet.ps cpa2002-leaflet.dvi
   %DVIPSParameters: dpi=600, compressed

   600 dpi is inadequate.

b) %DVIPSBitmapFont: Fa cmbx10 10 19

  Bit mapped font in use. A very bad idea for portable documents.

Use times, avant, charter, helvet, newcent, palatino, utopia or any other scaled font....

Eliminating those bit maps and compressing with gzip or bzip2 ought to get the files down to a reasonable size? If they are more than 20K long, then there is something astray...


Dr A E Lawrence (from home with apologies for spam enhanced reply address)