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Browser client side scripts

   I need to make a small application which should open
   a file for r/w, display it, and a few buttons to
   manipulate with file contents: a log file handler
   where the user is allowed to do only minimum.

   For egoistic reasons (=I want to do something new)
   I don't want to make an exe file, but to handle that
   functionality through a browser. Does anyone have
   have this overview, to help me select something:

                Client side   Local file R/W
   Java applet  Yes           ?
   ASP          ?             ?
   JavaScript   ?             ?
   PHP          ?             ?
   Python       ?             ?
   .NET         ?             ?
   Other?       ?             ?

   Any preferences?
   I don't think I want CGI commands for this.
   And I don't think I want to run a local server either.
   Any other questions I should have asked?

/ Øyvind Teig
\ Kongsberg Maritime Ship Systems, Ship Control (KMSS-SC)
/ 7005 Trondheim Norway - Tel: 47 73581268
\ If work from home - Tel: 47 73525684
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