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Re: Demonstration application

If you can show how to create a "serious" concurrent application using an
IDE, then you have accomplished something.

Most of the artifacts of Java's thread model  (Runnable, synchronized,
wait-notify) are well beneath the bean component layer that IDEs can

On the other hand, JCSP's primitives are very component-like.  With a little
bean-info glue provided by your student, it may be possible to build complex
concurrent applications using JCSP entirely from within an IDE (eg, Forte or
VisualAge or JBuilder).

(Does anyone have experience with this?)

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Subject: Demonstration application

Dear all,

I'll soon have a student doing an assignment for me at TASS. I want him to
a Java application with one of the Channel implementations. This to show
people how easy it is to write multi-threading applications when you use the
proper approach.

I would like the list's input on a killer application for this. Something
more exciting
then Dining Philosophers or Cruise Controls. I want an application that will
people not only its design, but also by its 'looks'. Personally I was
thinking along
the lines of a multi-media ICQ application (be it a small one), or a
videophone or
a network monitoring system.

Does anybody have any crazy ideas?



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