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a few questions


I have a few questions:

When and why did SGS-Thomson buy INMOS and when and why did SGS-Thomson
decide to put the transputer on hold?


Is the occam compiler already made public?


The leading software/hardware manufacturers in the embedded real-time
industry have more or less abandoned the transputer and occam technology,
right? They go with the flow of new technology and where the money is!

My statement is that CSP is new technology. CSP evolves and its principles
are timeless. Although, the computer industry may not like (or use)
transputers and/or occam technology (these are implementations of CSP) they
do like (or use) other implementations that are closely related to the
principles of CSP.
Do you know examples of implementations that are considered new technology
(=modern and popular technology) which are (almost) based on the principles
of CSP? I am thinking about examples in object-orientation, CORBA,
programming languages, hardware/software co-design, etc.
I know a few examples, such as SHARC links, Limbo (not too popular), book
?Concurrency by Jeff Magee & Jeff Kramer (1999)? (not a very good book!). I
need better examples.