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RE: A "CJT" in python

Python can compile to Java bytecode (well, JPython can at any rate) and as
it uses the same object model as Java, it should be able to use JCSP and CTJ
straight away (it can access Java classes as if they were Python classes).
Obviously the native version of Python would need something a little
different, but it wouldn't require the class structures to be changed
(unless that were to be abandonned in favor of a proper language binding -
yes please).

Python might be quite popular with some of the occam community - blocks are
delimited with indentation rather than braces.  It's actually a rather nice
little language too.

On a similar note: I think it would be really good to get CSP into some
scripting languages (Python, Perl, TCL etc).  They tend to much more open to
additions to the language than most compiled languages (this is both a
strength and a weakness...  Perl has a keyword for _everything_).  It's also
more likely that additions will stick.

Jim Moores, Quickstone Systems, UK.
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> Subject: A "CJT" in python
> For anyone here who does not read comp.sys.transputer, Andrew Henshaw
> has just posted a note on implementing bits of CSP in python. He has
> seen Gerald's stuff/ CTJ, but not Kent / JCSP. At least he doesn't
> mention JCSP.
> He has only done PAR and CHAN so far: there is no mention of ALT :-)
> I know almost no python, so I don't really understand the problem that
> is mentioned. I have suggested that Andrew might like to join
> this list,
> so Peter can expect an email :-)
> So if we have any Python experts in our midst (Richard?), get your
> answers ready.
> Adrian
> PS. Of course, Python has this *wonderful* use of indentation
> :-) I hope
> it uses folding as well....
> --
> Dr A E Lawrence