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Quixotic thought #57: Software salvation via JCSP


FWIW, I too agree with Andrew and Marcel, but suggest that the success of 
the Apache Web server (and some - but not all - of the explanation for it 
implied by Eric Raymond's account of open source development) indicates 
the possibility of persuasion by developing the kind of "product" for 
which there is already widespread interest. Someone already mentioned 
Quantel: my speculation (again) is that a webserver shown to be 
deadlock/livelock-free on empirical and mathematical grounds would 
attract more interest and lead to diffusion of CSP-inspired design 
doctrine and JCSP-based design methodology. The members of this group 
could accomplish such a task, though it might require a more 
collectivistic orientation than many are used to, or comfortable with. 


Roy Wilson 
E-mail: designrw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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On 10/20/00, 9:58:06 AM, M_Boosten <mboosten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote 
regarding Re: A path for CSP-based:

> Hi all,

> topic: ...introducing CSP in industry...

> Quite a while ago, Andrew wrote:

> > So: unless you get in at the start, the (perhaps apparently
> > insignificant) costs of transferring are simply too high.  In an ideal
> > world CSP would be a nice refinement to our development process, but at
> > the moment there are more pressing needs.  Perhaps that is worth
> > remembering - you're not introducing CSP to people who have nothing to
> > do all day, but to people who already have a stack of good ideas that
> > need trying out when there's time available.  Busy busy busy.  So no
> > more emails from me ;-)

> I agree, this is one of the main problems of introducing any new idea,
> including CSP.

> Cheers,
>       Marcel