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Re: Blackhole mailing list issues

M_Boosten wrote:

> ...
> It would be nice if SOMEONE/SOMETEAM would extract summaries from the
> mailing list, and build up a Frequently Asked Questions list, or in
> general some kind of knowledge/experience database.
> ...

> What do people think...?
> If it is liked, maybe some WoTuG money could be invested in this
> medium...

Another mailing list that I am on recently moved onto eGroups
(http://www.egroups.com) with success in achieving our objectives. Our list is
still a closed membership but we now have a web archive of messages and some other
online tools (common calendar, chat tool, etc).

The downsides are the upheaval of changing, and each email message now carries an
advertisement in its footer. Plus I don't know how you'd guarantee long-term
service continuity, but that's probably not a big deal.

The advantages are the web archive, the easy life for the list-owner / moderator,
... and it's free.


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