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Rewriting CSP processes.... CERN expertice on Metastability


Bob: this is a response to some mail on some csp/occam related mailing list.

> CERN have recently been doing similar work on the HS Links (IEEE1355), where
> because of the much higher frequency, the metastability window is a greater
> percentage of the bit rate (silicon speeds have not increased by as much as
> the bit rate). For these links (1GHz), error detection circuits are
> included.
> If anyone is interested, try looking at www.tachys.com

This is indeed one of CERN's expertices.

The group at CERN knows how to design high-frequency boards
that work reliably.

If you want to contact the experts at CERN directly, try:


Some answers may be for free...
others may cost you (a lot)...