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Re: Synchronous Communication = Swap

M_Boosten wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> With respect to the Sync, you get my point:
>         "my" Sync == "your" CSP event
> From now on, I'll call "Sync", simply "Event".
> We are talking about the same thing.
> It is the same thing in CSP maths, but data transfer
> (the sugar) is added at language-level compared to
> math-level.
> x2Any means, as you suggested in deed: receiver is undetermined.
> x2Any can, as you suggested, be modelled in CSP.
> My guess (I realize my insight might be limited...):
> 1. You can model x2Any in CSP, by adding a new `mathematical' construct.

Sorry, I am just leaving and will be away from email for perhaps 2
weeks, so no time to give a proper reaction, or even time to read all
the messages in this thread properly. But I see no difficulty in
modelling x2Any in CSP using the existing mathematics. We have the
\maybe = \internal_choice = |~| operator.

Adrian (in great haste ...)
Dr A E Lawrence (from home)