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Here is a letter I received. Petitpierre has earlier written
an article about his sC++ in IEEE Computer, Sept98, which
was very interesting. Now sJava is here. I proposed to him that
he joins CPA-2000.


To Mr. Oyvind Teig,

I have read your paper published in the June issue 
of embedded systems and found it largely in resonance 
with what we are doing.
I particularly agree in seeing synchrony not as a 
hindrance, but a simplification, although
it is not considered that way by many people.
As far as we are concerned, we have developed 
a version of Java that implements
inter-object calls synchronized according to
the CSP or CCS pattern. Using method calls instead of
channels greatly simplifies the encoding of the messages,
which are thus simply represented by the method parameters.
Our approach is displayed on ltiwww.epfl.ch/sJava

Best Regards,
C. Petitpierre

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