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Re:FYI- JProbe Threadalyzer

The Threadalyzer (difficult to write that 'alyzer thing) seems to
do run-time verification of everything. It needs 64MB, strongly 
recommended 96MB of RAM! Typical American approach: test afterwards!

states that:

ThreadAlyzer runs your Java programs to look for threading errors 
while the program runs. It gathers the information and reports the
threading error by highlighting the error in the source code so you
can easily fix the problems. Threadalyzer helps you debug common
problems with multi-threaded Java programs, including deadlocks, 
thread stalls and data races.

1. Will it warn all usage of JCSP/CTJ?

   It will warn if any "wait" does not acquire a lock within
   a user-defined timeout. Isn't this how standard 100% OK wait
   for a channel etc. is done? 

2. Will it warn all usage of JCSP/CTJ? (2)
   Same thing, but warn if "wait" is called with no timeout
   and "notify" isn't there within a user-defined timeout.

3. Data race hunting - is occam clean?

   It defines a race condition as "when two threads simultaneously
   contend for the same object and, as a result, leave the object
   in an undefined state".

   Run-time version of occam usage rules?

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