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FYI- JProbe Threadalyzer

This is not advertising, just information about a product I've been
reading about. Please feel free to ignore!

Threadalyzer is part of the JProbe Suite from KL Group. It claims the
following features:

                             Pinpoint the cause of stalls and deadlocks
                             View precise source location where problems
                             Predict data races before they happen:
avoid corrupt data
                             Fully supports Java 2
                             Windows 95/98/NT versions available
(Solaris version planned)
                             Pays for itself with one business-stopping

See http://www.klg.com/jprobe/threadalyzer/overview.html

"Why You Need JProbe Threadalyzer
                        Threads are essential to building
high-performance, scalable applications, and are
                        especially critical in server-side Java
applications. But multi-threaded applications have
                        pitfalls such as concurrency issues, deadlocks,
and data race conditions. JProbe
                        Threadalyzer helps developers uncover
concurrency problems in their programs with a
                        thread debugger that detects and displays race
conditions, deadlocks, and stalls.
                        Developers can use this information to avoid
corrupting application data.

                        JProbe Threadalyzer will detect apparent races,
deadlocks, and thread stalls using a
                        happens-before approach and provide this
information through the look and feel of the
                        award-winning JProbe Viewer."

My intellectual interest in this product is to do with how it works. I
hope to evaluate it and maybe gain some insight.

Richard Beton B.Sc. C.Phys. M.Inst.P.
Roke Manor Research Limited (http://www.roke.co.uk/)
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