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Re: Something for the next few weekends


> 'knock one up' for Posix threads?

I think it would be quite straightforward ... now (ALT bug hopefully now
exterminated) we have done it for Java.

But it would be *so* dull to hack it out :-( ... and you would still be
at the mercy of the posix threads overheads ...

On the other hand, if that brought the occam/CSP way of doing things to
another large user community, it may be worth doing.  But would `occam'
get any credit in all this ... credit that would allow us to generate
renewed funding to get on with what we believe ought to be done?  Probably
not :-(.  If the answer could be "Probably", then I would feel motivated
myself ...

But much more exciting than posix -- although not, of course, standard --
is what Jim Moores will be presenting at WoTUG-22.  This is a C library
(for standard GNU C under currently just Linux) that gives you the occam/CSP
model with occam-like overheads.  This uses the old INMOS C API but could
be relatively quickly moved to a C++ version that mirrored the JCSP (say)
API ...

But it's not posix I'm afraid!