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Something for the next few weekends

Gerald's ideas about a Compositional Programming book is a good one. It
needs some extra work doing first: Now we have what we think are good
compositional packages in Java (JCSP and CJT), would someone please
'knock one up' for Posix threads?

Of course, I'm joking about just knocking one up just like that. But the
point is that Posix threads are widely used in industry and are held in
some esteem, because they are standardised (errm ... not because they're
good!) A CSP library built upon them would clearly benefit the cause of
persuading people to adopt a compositional approach, and also would
naturally be portable to a wide range of Posix target systems. A
suggested solution might be a C++ equivalent of the core classes in JCSP
using Posix.4a mutexes and condition variables. If I understand
correctly, these operate rather similarly to Java monitors.

Or is all this too hard to do?     ;-)

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