Module course.networks - Demonstration networks

Demonstration networks.

This is part of the course library. To use this library:

#INCLUDE "course.module"



demo_nets.occ:35Process numbers

PROC numbers (CHAN INT out!)

Generate a stream of integers from 0 upwards.

demo_nets.occ:46Process integrate

PROC integrate (CHAN INT in?, out!)

Integrate a stream of numbers.

demo_nets.occ:57Process pairs

PROC pairs (CHAN INT in?, out!)

Add pairs of numbers in a stream.

demo_nets.occ:69Process squares

PROC squares (CHAN INT out!)

Generate the square numbers from 1 upwards.

demo_nets.occ:80Process fibonacci

PROC fibonacci (CHAN INT out!)

Generate the Fibonacci sequence.

demo_nets.occ:92Process times

PROC times (CHAN INT out!)

Generate a stream of output times in microseconds.