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RE: Call for help on CSPM

Hi Larry,

If it is just variables holding you back this is pretty simple.  You can look at Jeremy and Peter's CSP for JCSP for example, and Matt and I used this as a basis for some things we are working on.

Basic idea, you need to declare your variables and channels to allow a process to manage them.  For example:

VARIABLES = { x, y} -- variable names
VALUES = { 0, 1, 2} -- possible values of x and y: need to keep a small set.
datatype Operations = get | set -- get and set operators
channel var_chans = VARIABLES.Operations.VALUES

X_VAR(val) = (x.get!val -> X_VAR(val)) [] (x.set?val -> X_VAR(val))
Y_VAR(val) = (y.get!val -> Y_VAR(val)) [] (y.set?val -> Y_VAR(val))
VARS = X_VAR(0) ||| Y_VAR(0)

Or you can abstract further by passing the channel in to the process:

VAR(chan, val) = (chan.get!val -> VAR(chan, val)) [] (chan.set?val -> VAR(chan, val))
VARS = VAR(var_chans.x, 0) ||| VAR(var_chans.y, 0)

In either case, you can get and set the variable via:

Really just depends what you are trying to do.


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Subject: Call for help on CSPM

Hello all,

I need help in translating two simple FIFO implementations into CSPM and then feeding them into programs (like FDR and Deadlock Checker) that take CSPM. We can pay a reasonable stipend.

One is the standard bunch-of-buffers-in-parallel and the other is the indexed circular buffer (shelf/store implementation to avoid output ALT). Each varies packet size (one bit or 4096 bits) and depth (5 or 256).

We need to demonstrate practical usability in data-flow problems - no state explosion - or else find a path to it. It has to be possible (Bill Roscoe and C.A.R.  Hoare, "The Laws of occam Programming," 1986; and I did it using "Ground Truth" at CPA2017), but I am wondering if anyone is still working on CSPM? There has to be some way to translate functional language into real computing; or else, I heard a rumor you could do variables as processes?

If anyone is interested I can provide the SHORT documentation.

Larry Dickson

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