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Call for help on CSPM

Hello all,

I need help in translating two simple FIFO implementations into CSPM and then feeding them into programs (like FDR and Deadlock Checker) that take CSPM. We can pay a reasonable stipend.

One is the standard bunch-of-buffers-in-parallel and the other is the indexed circular buffer (shelf/store implementation to avoid output ALT). Each varies packet size (one bit or 4096 bits) and depth (5 or 256).

We need to demonstrate practical usability in data-flow problems - no state explosion - or else find a path to it. It has to be possible (Bill Roscoe and C.A.R.  Hoare, "The Laws of occam Programming," 1986; and I did it using "Ground Truth" at CPA2017), but I am wondering if anyone is still working on CSPM? There has to be some way to translate functional language into real computing; or else, I heard a rumor you could do variables as processes?

If anyone is interested I can provide the SHORT documentation.

Larry Dickson