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Re: Live Kickstarter

Hello all,

This is the last day for my Kickstarter


which looks as though it will succeed. Everybody is welcome to join - I am looking for input and creative ideas as well as for money. Two that came from contributors are the Raspberry Pi, which is a "stretch goal" (Update 4), and a Real-Time Programming sample (Update 6), which was written for a Kicksat in Zac Manchester's Kickstarter project.

We will soon be starting a "Wide Computing" community group. This will be especially aimed at technique for people writing practical or scientific code in low-level languages or in assembly. For a pithy description of the need, check out Bill Cowan's Aphorisms


which created in me a whole new respect for the outlying regions of Computer Science.


On Jul 8, 2013, at 11:08 AM, Larry Dickson <tjoccam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello all,

That Kickstarter project I mentioned on June 27 is now live. If it flies, it will certainly spread the word about process-oriented computing - I'm hoping to get a generation of young "hackers" interested. IT WILL INCLUDE EXCELLENT EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS. Please take a look at

(I even sing a song … with some flaws showing Real Time needs).

UK and EU participation is welcomed by Kickstarter. One thing I heard is this:

It matters a lot what kind of response I get in the first couple of days!

So, please, if you are interested -

(a) Sign up as a backer even if only for a small amount. (If things develop in a way you like, you can increase the backing later.)


(b) Copy my Kickstarter link around to anyone who may be interested!

Every bit of help is important; my patent and other future projects will live or die by this, because the standard investment world is not listening.

Larry Dickson