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Feedback, por favor

Hi all,

This is a request for feedback from these eminently qualified lists on my draft Kickstarter project. You don't have to answer via email or on this list, as there is a "Leave feedback" button - already successfully used by Rob Fryer the satellite programmer - on the draft link


The web page http://www.LAZM.org is just started. Please feel free to copy this appeal around - I want to try to submit by next week.

I am really interested in what professionally qualified Computer Science people think, as I have aimed the whole thing at "hackers" - hobbyists and tinkerers - and embedded programmers. The explicit references to occam and CSP roots are deliberately subtle, because the shared language is C, but the picture shows me holding some TRAMs :-) And of course my references to a "lost art" do NOT apply to present company! - just the rest of the computing world.

Larry Dickson

PS. The lead actor in the video is having trouble with his lines, but the rooster has his cue down pat ;-) Credits go to my wife Jeanne (director of chickens) and my daughters Elizabeth (on the easel) and Alice (camera work and video editing after one-day crash course).