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Conference Proceedings

Hi folks

Just to let everyone in this community know that the CPA 2012 Proceedings are generally available, for example on Amazon here (or the US here).

Of course, you can find all the papers in PDF on the WoTUG website, but if you'd prefer a paper copy, as a member of this group, you can order one direct from OCP via orders@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at the discounted price of £9.95 (including delivery, payable via BACS).  (Just give an address for delivery and say how many copies.  I'll return account details for payment.)  This offer is active from the remainder of 2012 only, so get 'em while they're hot!

In return, I'd be very grateful if you would consider Open Channel as provider of the Proceedings for any conference you may be involved in organising, and perhaps forward this URL and address to others who may benefit.  Being small, we can be far cheaper, require much less lead time and have demonstrated this with CPA 2012.  (All costs are folded into a minimum order of fifty copies, from £12.50ea, depending mainly on page count and number ordered.)  As of now, we can also produce colour copy affordably (quote on request).  Please also consider us for commercial technical authoring, editorial and publishing as well.

Many thanks

Ian East
Open Channel Publishing Ltd.
(Reg. in England, Company Number 6818450)