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Re: Occam-Tau - the natural successor to Occam-Pi - or is there one already?

On 27 September 2012 16:22, Rick Beton <rick.beton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 27 September 2012 14:04, Ruth Ivimey-Cook <ruth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In fact, I think it would be a Good Thing if it were possible to build occam as a first-class client of the .NET CLR, which would then mean you could intermingle a huge raft of code, much of which is portable, with a language that supports good paralelism. I did this, to an extent, when I used JCSP via J# for a .NET application, and successfully in my opinion. The downside with that is it used the heavy native J# threads. A CLR implementation may enable the creation of better, lighter-weight options.

An interesting idea. From my limited understanding, it looks like targetting CLR would be worth researching further, whereas we know from unhappy experience with threads in Java et al that the JVM would not be a viable target.

Second thoughts - the devil is in the detail. ÂIf ETC is similar enough to CIL it may be possible. ÂIf they are very different then I suspect there would be mountains to climb.