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CPA 2011 (19-22 June, Limerick) Programme and Call for Delegates

Dear Potential Delegates,

Communicating Process Architectures 2011 (19-22 June, Limerick, Ireland)
  - Programme announced
  - Call for Delegates                         ***********************
  - Student Bursaries                          *  wotug.org/cpa2011  *
  - Keynote Presentation                       ***********************
  - Summary of themes from Accepted Papers
  - Call for Fringe Presentations

Communicating Process Architectures (CPA) 2011 takes place at the
University of Limerick, Ireland, 19-22 June, 2011.  CPA themes are
concurrency at all levels of software and hardware granularity: its
ambitions are to present and stimulate discussion on the latest research
and development in concurrency theory, practice, education and application.

This year, CPA is hosted by Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research
Centre, and co-located with FM 2011 (the 17th International Symposium
on Formal Methods), SEW-34 (the 34th Annual IEEE Software Engineering
Workshop) and several specialist workshops and tutorials.

The provisional programme schedule - complete with all paper titles,
authors and abstracts - is now available on the CPA 2011 website:


This is the *CALL FOR DELEGATES*, :).  For registration (US$ 460) and
booking accommodation (EURO 52 per night, on-campus appartment rooms
ensuite with shower and toilet, includes breakfast), please visit:


This page also gives details for applying for WoTUG Student Bursaries
(GBP 100) to support attendance by students not in receipt of full-time
salaries.  Registration and accommodation fees cover all meals
(including the conference dinner and two evening receptions) apart from
two light meals advised before attending the receptions (where there
will be 'finger-food' only, but very tasty!), entry to CPA sessions
and one copy of the CPA 2011 proceedings (383 pages).

We are very pleased this year to welcome Gavin Lowe, Professor of Computer
Science at the University of Oxford Computing Laboratory, as our Keynote
speaker.  His research over the past two decades has made significant
contributions to the field of concurrency, with special emphasis on
CSP and the formal modelling of computer security.  His paper addresses
a long-standing and crucial issue for this community: the verified
implementation of CSP external choice, with no restrictions.

The accepted papers contain the results from rich seams of research
covering many of the key issues in modern computer science, which
all seem to concern concurrency in one form or another these days.
There are papers on concurrency models and their theory, concurrency
pragmatics (the effective use of multicores), language ideas and
implementation (for mobile processes, generalised forms of choice),
tools to assist verification and performance, applications (large
scale simulation, robotics, web servers), benchmarks (for scientific
and distributed computing) and, perhaps most importantly, education.
They reflect the increasing relevance of concurrency both to express
and manage complex problems as well as to exploit readily available
parallel hardware.

An important feature of CPA conferences are the evening Fringe sessions.
This year, because of the evening receptions and dinners, they will
be scheduled during the main conference sessions.  These sessions are
very informal, highly interactive, and sometimes slightly controversial.
Any conference delegate is invited to give a Fringe presentation on any
topic that they think may be of interest to the conference.  A Fringe
presentation may last 5-15 minutes.  Details of how to offer Fringe
talks are on:


Many thanks and we hope to see you in Limerick,

Peter Welch (on behalf of the CPA 2011 Editorial Board).