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CPA 2011 - extension to the paper submission deadline

Dear List Members,

This is the final Call for Papers for Communicating Process Architectures 2011,
the 33rd. WoTUG conference on concurrent and parallel programming.

A number of authors have asked for an extension to the submission deadline
and we have granted it.  It's only fair, therefore, to make this official
and available to everyone - so:

  the submission deadline has been pushed back to Friday, 4th. March, 2011.

We would be grateful for authors taking advantage of this extension to
contact us (cpa2011@xxxxxxxxx) with a title and abstract as soon as
possible, so that we can plan our reviewing distribution in advance.
Of course, authors who have already made submissions are welcome to send
in revisions, if they wish, by the new deadline.

Information from the previous call (with the revised submission deadline)
is copied below.

Many thanks,

Peter Welch.



  Location:                     The University of Limerick, Ireland.

  Dates:                        19th. June, 2011 (Sunday evening)
				-> 22nd. June, 2011 (Wednesday lunch)

  Website:                      http://www.wotug.org/cpa2011/

  Paper submission deadline:    4th. March, 2011
  Notification of acceptance:   21st. March, 2011
  Final revised CRC due:        18th. April, 2011
  Author registration:          18th. April, 2011

  Co-located events:            FM 2011: the 17th. International Symposium
				  on Formal Methods

				SEW-34: the 34h. Annual IEEE Software
				  Engineering Workshop

  Enquiries:                    cpa2011@xxxxxxxxx

*NEW*: there is a poster to advertise CPA 2011.  Please download from the website:


and print and display prominently, :).

We're still not able to price the attendance fee, but remain hopeful it will be
less than the fee for CPA 2009.  The facilities at Limerick look excellent.

A lot has been happening since our last meeting at CPA 2009.  It's time to get
together and talk.  We have a great opportunity at Limerick to present good
things to the world.  Please submit lots of excellent papers and we look
forward to seeing you in Limerick in June, 2011!  :)

Many thanks,

Peter Welch.


For convenience, these direct URLs may be useful:

  Conference themes:      http://www.wotug.org/cpa2011/index.shtml#theme
  Call for papers:        http://www.wotug.org/cpa2011/call.shtml
  Submission details:     http://www.wotug.org/cpa2011/authors.shtml
  Student bursaries:      http://www.wotug.org/cpa2011/registration.shtml

  previous CPA conferences:    http://www.wotug.org/conference.shtml