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RE: Race condition...

On Wed, 31 Mar 2010, Tony Gore wrote:
> He told me that the Potters Bar rail crash was inevitable once the railways 
> were split up into parts. Here is why.
> Hard metal on hard metal is not a good combination;
> ...Then we had privatisation. 
> ...And this gave us the critical condition of hard wheels and hard track; 
> ...resulting in the flanges repeatedly making contact with the rails and 
> effectively giving them a hammer blow.

I'm from Potters Bar, and my dad installed the signalling on that line. As I 
remember it, the failed rail was at Hatfield---two stations north; the Potters 
Bar problem involved loose and missing bolts on points. I think the company 
involved in Potters Bar, Jarvis, went to the receivers on Monday.

See: http://www.jarvis-uk.com/

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