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Re: The new Google "Go" language - with n=0..N buffered blocking channels

2009/11/11 Teig, Oyvind UTCFS <Oyvind.Teig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Interesting. A new version of C which is a big improvement on C, albeit still with dependence on reference (/pointer) aliasing.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_%28programming_language%29 :

The syntax of Go is close to that of C except for the type declarations; other syntactical differences are the missing brackets around for and if expressions. The language supports garbage collection. The concurrency model of Go is modeled after Tony Hoare's CSP, like previous concurrent programming languages such as occam or Limbo,[1] but also has features of the Pi calculus such as channel passing.

Features not present in Go include exception handling, type inheritance, generic programming, assert and method overriding.[1] Of those, Google are still having an open mind about generic programming, while assertions are argued against in the language FAQ, and the choice of no type inheritance defended. Unlike Java, maps (a.k.a. hashes or dictionaries) are built-in like strings.

The concurrency introduction is here: http://golang.org/doc/go_tutorial.html#tmp_331

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