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PhD thesis jury member (reviewer) needed


I just came back from the CPA09 conference where I presented the last
paper of Tuesday morning. I have already approached some of you about
being a member of my thesis jury (as one of the two reviewers if
possible). Those I asked mostly told me that they needed to be sure it
was going to be done in English. I have now cleared it with the head
of my doctoral school, and so I will be able to both write the thesis
and do the defense in English.

Yesterday Peter Welch advised me to post my request here, so I am
doing just that. I am just starting to write my dissertation, and the
defense is going to be about 6 months from now. The person must be at
least a senior lecturer. The transportation and the hotel in Paris
will be paid for, full board.

The official invitation will be issued by my advisor, but I need to
know who is interested. Please contact me if you are. Please also take
a look at my paper if you haven't, as this is the kind of thing you
will have to read if you take the role.

JoÃl-Alexis Bialkiewicz
(LIP6, advisor: FrÃdÃric Peschanski)

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