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New mailing lists for process-oriented programming


In an attempt to rationalise our existing set of mailing lists and make
them more accessible to people outside Kent, we've just set up two new
public mailing lists for discussing process-oriented programming.
(These lists don't replace occam-com or java-threads, but they'll
probably be of interest to some of the people here...)

pop-users is for people using, or learning to use, process-oriented
programming techniques. It aims to give users somewhere where they can
discuss occam-pi, the Transterpreter, JCSP, CHP and other
process-oriented technologies, and get help with problems they're
  To subscribe, see:  https://lists.kent.ac.uk/sympa/info/pop-users
pop-dev is for people who're working on the languages and tools
themselves; it aims to replace most of our low-traffic development lists
like kroc-dev and tvm-dev.
  To subscribe, see:  https://lists.kent.ac.uk/sympa/info/pop-dev

Adam Sampson                                         <http://offog.org/>