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CPA 2008 submission deadline approaches ...


Just a gentle reminder that the submission deadline for CPA 2008 is:

  Friday, 25th. April, 2008

Please tell us what great things you have been doing!

This years conference is at the University of York.  As last year,
we have two of the most eminent researchers in our field as Invited
Speakers - this time:

  Professor Samson Abramsky (FRS),
  Christopher Strachey Professor of Computing,
  University of Oxford.

  Professor Colin O'Halloran,
  Head of the Systems Assurance Group,

The CPA 2008 website is at:


The conference dates are 7-10 September, 2008.  This year's conference
is associated with the first CoSMoS Workshop on complex systems modelling
and simulation, which happens on the 11th. September, 2008.  Details
are on the above website.

The conference will be fun and we will all learn lots of good things.
I hope to see as many as possible.  Registration information is not yet
available, but there will be the usual discounts for students - please
send us your PhD candidates (they will be returned).

Many thanks,

Peter Welch.