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[Open License Society newsletter] newsletter on wishes 2008, OpenComRTOS, OpenSpecs, jobs

Title: Open License Society newsletter: Open License Society newsletter on wishes 2008, OpenComRTOS, OpenSpecs, jobs

Open License Society - Newsletter January 2008

Open License Society newsletter on wishes 2008, OpenComRTOS, OpenSpecs, jobs

OpenComRTOS released. Download Win32 version for free.

Open License Society is now releasing OpenComRTOS. Developed using formal techniques for modeling and  verification, the RTOS kernel itself  can be seen as a new generation of Real-Time Operating Systems. It implements the runtime environment of Open License Society's systems engineering methodology where the architecture is defined using a formalised paradigm called "Interacting Entities". While fairly universal, it shines through its elegant simplicity. Its concepts have allowed us to elevate OpenComRTOS to  a new concurrent programming paradigm, in particular suitable for real-time embedded systems. It targets as well single processor, multi-core, parallel processing or heterogenous distributed systems. OpenComRTOS has many innovative and break-through features not available from any other RTOS: more details here

First release of OpenSpecs

OpenSpecs is a web technology based application for capturing Requirements and Specifications. It gives a structured approach for starting a project and implements the methodology developed by Open License Society. In an incremental way, people collect requirements, transform them into specifications and define normal cases, test cases and fault cases. This is a crucial phase where many stakeholders can be involved and hence OLS decided to use a web based approach to allow multi-user, multi-site cooperation. OpenSpecs also allows to define first architectural elements and a workplan. At any moment the database can be queried and a hardcopy document generated. more details here

Wishes for 2008

What can I wish you for the next year? More power and gold? Or should I say more of a real life of your own Work and freedom? Less taxes comes to mind. The world is accelerating at a brisk pace. Turbulence all over the bloody place, to be taken literally. The balance is delicate. Shall we all perish in the rush or shall we find nirvana in peace? Maybe we need the turbulence to be reminded how peaceful it could be if we all just did all we could to reach for it. If you ask me, last year was bad enough although history has seen worse. In any case, I wish you all a better 2008. It helps to keep repeating the same wishes every year. read more

Jobs: senior software quality engineer

In cooperation with Melexis, we are looking for a senior embedded software quality engineer: more details here

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