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RE: protocol standards that use formal specification of behavior?

> Personnally I find CSP a bit too primitive to describe protocols as one
> needs to expres everything in low level channel communication and at least
> two processes. I am still looking for a tool or way that takes a whole
> protocol (like expressed in a MSC) as a single interaction between
> concurrent entities.
> Eric

If the channel ends pre-exist, wouldn't it be possible to express such a
tool as a CPA (occam-like) procedure callable as a process in parallel,

CHAN and other declarations :
  ...  whatever uses CHAN a
  ...  whatever uses CHAN b
  ...  maybe other control channel or trigger channel stuff
  protocol_process(CHAN a, CHAN b, more externals)

Given some constructs friendly to zero-copy, wouldn't this be completely

Larry Dickson