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Re: protocol standards that use formal specification of behavior?

Thanks for all the comments so far! 

I'm working on SAE AS-4, the migration of JAUS (jauswg.org) to SAE.  It is basically an application level message passing standard that has suffered from a lack of networking/protocol experience.  To date it is mostly a message format standard, but they understand the benefits of adding a formal description of behavior, and that is currently work in progress.  It is an xml-based specification, currently called the Jaus Services Interface Definition Language (JSIDL), although the name has been a moving target.

The current draft has a behavior specification based on the State Machine Compiler, and it is pretty weak (it essentially ignores concurrency within a service; somebody decided simple state machines were best because 'people are familiar with them').

A colleague of mine is set to propose something based on BPEL/BPMN but adapted to our needs.

I've offered to provide a CSP-based behavior schema, and it would be helpful to be able to point out examples of similar directions in other protocols.  Application-level SOA type protocols would be ideal, but anything in the network protocol area is helpful, especially if it became a published standard.