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Re: Inline VALOF


Thanks for those references. I think the use of colour (and other graphical aids) could be more widely researched. Syntax highlighting is widely seen as useful but it need not stop there. Some time (years!) ago I used colour backgrounds to occam as an aid to following indent levels - multi-screen-long indents get hard to line up) but didn't get very positive responses from those I showed it to and I didn't do any more with it. I'm sure there is scope for inventiveness and project work somewhere here.


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"Barry Cook" <Barry@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I wonder if there is some intermediate, maybe a more flexible
display (colour, more symbols) and extended keyboard use

You might find Chuck Moore's colorForth system interesting to look at
-- it's a rather idiosyncratic Forth variant in which colour is
syntactically significant:

Extended character sets have somewhat gone out of fashion since APL,
although there's at least one language that still has one:

Those of us who use syntax-highlighting editors for occam and other
languages already take advantage of colour to give us instant feedback
on basic errors in the code we're writing.

(what happened to folding? - I don't see much mention of it, even
though it is available in Emacs, ...).

It's widely available in modern editors -- VIM, jEdit and Eclipse
support it too, for example. There's some interest in using it outside
the occam community (spurred mostly, I think, by outliner-like
applications), but it's far from mainstream.

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